Cannabis Irrigation Systems

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Cannabis Irrigation Systems

Grow Cannabis With Ease

We offer turn-key cannabis irrigation systems to help you grow exceptional adult use and medical cannabis. Our cannabis specific irrigation systems come in a variety of configurations depending on your needs, budget, and growing style. For indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cannabis irrigation, we can help you with a variety of hydroponic setups such as ebb and flow systems, drip irrigation systems, fertilizer injection (fertigation) systems, reverse osmosis systems, drain collection and re-circulation systems, and total automation systems that allow you to control your irrigation scheduling, environmental controls (such as lighting, temperature, CO2, etc.), irrigation system monitoring, and even data logging! We are able to design cannabis irrigation systems to accommodate a wide variety of budgets and requirements. Contact us today and let’s get started on your cannabis irrigation project!
Cannabis Fertigation Systems

Precision Nutrient Applications

Hydroponic Cannabis Irrigation

Hydroponic Cannabis Irrigation

Cannabis Irrigation System Automation

Cannabis Irrigation Automation

Outdoor Cannabis Irrigation Systems

Whether you’re growing 10 plants for personal use or 100,000 plants for a commercial operation, we’ve got you covered. We can help you with underground pipeline design, spray design, drip design, fertigation systems, valve control, drain collection and re-circulation, and a wide variety of system monitoring options (soil moisture, soil eC, level sensors for reservoirs, tanks, and wells).

Greenhouse Cannabis Irrigation Systems

We have tons of experience setting up cannabis irrigation systems for greenhouses and can even integrate all of your environmental controls such as lighting, fans, CO2, sulfur burners, and more! We can help you with pre-construction design and engineering, retrofitting and system upgrades, pipeline design and installation, pump installation, fertigation system installation and programming, emitterline, emitter, and tubing installation, overhead spray installation, and installation of the aforementioned environmental controls. Want to automate your greenhouse? We can help with that too!

Indoor Cannabis Irrigation Systems

Our indoor cannabis irrigation systems allow you to squeeze in as many plants as you want while delivering precision nutrient applications and delivering just the right amount of water at any stage of growth. We can help with your irrigation system design and engineering as well as grow room construction and installation. Whether you want a basic drip system or a fully automated hydroponic system complete with fertigation, reverse osmosis, and integration with your lighting, HVAC, and CO2, we can help!

Grow Great Cannabis

We’ve got loads of cannabis irrigation systems under our belt. As more states continue to legalize medical marijuana and recreational cannabis use, it’s becoming more important than ever to make sure your cannabis is top quality. With our experience and expertise, we can help you optimize your cannabis growing process through the use of precision irrigation and fertigation. Get in touch with one of our experts today and find out how you can increase your yields, quality, efficiency, and profitability.



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