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Our experienced team of irrigation professionals have helped conventional and organic berry growers increase irrigation efficiency and uniformity by providing quality irrigation designs for years. Our engineers, construction crews, and sales force work together to provide complete system solutions including pumps, well discharges, filtration, pipelines, in-field drip, monitoring, and maintenance programs. With the challenges of labor shortage, wages, water availability and restrictions, and the demand for more accountability in agriculture, growers are looking to take advantage of technology in their daily operations. This is where IDC Precision Irrigation has evolved to provide the most advanced and user friendly systems for sustainability and future growth. Our extensive knowledge of how to incorporate automated irrigation scheduling and nutrient injection in conventional growing has allowed for us to help transition growers to the future of growing in hydroponic and substrate medias. We pride ourselves on working with the grower to find the best solution to fit their specific needs rather than forcing them to fit into predetermined limits.
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Automated Irrigation Systems

Strawberry Irrigation Systems

The trend of elevated growing, such as the use of substrate in a gutter system, is becoming more common. We provide the ability to fully automate your irrigation and fertigation schedule, collect drainage, and reduce ground preparation including the use of fumigants.

Raspberry and Blackberry Irrigation Systems

Substrate raspberries and blackberries are becoming a growing market which allows for reduced ground preparation, increased efficiencies, and the potential for year your production. We provide growers with the ability to have several nutrient recipes for use throughout the plants life cycle, fully automate their irrigation and fertigation, monitor factors effecting the plants such as weather, nutrients, irrigation timing, etc., and provide guidance while transitioning to a new growing style.

Blueberry Irrigation Systems

Blueberries are a long term crop providing production for over 30 years. Knowing this we work not only with new plantings, but existing crops to help growers transition into a technical era of growing. Due to the plants sensitivity to changes in pH, we provide options to reduce variability, adjust pH of the water source, and monitor changes. This ties into our control systems which will allow for full automation in both existing and new crops.

Grow Better Berries

Overall we provide customers in all stages of growing the ability to automate irrigation scheduling, precisely inject nutrients, monitor crops and environmental factors, and log data for future use. Our knowledge of conventional growing as well as fully automated systems allows for us to help growers transition smoothly into the future of agriculture.



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