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Meet the IDC Precision Irrigation team

Cassandra Toves

Cassandra graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Agricultural System Management focused in irrigation. While attending school she worked for an agricultural irrigation company assisting with irrigation design and managing installation projects. After graduation she ran all store operations for multiple locations along the central coast as well as doing irrigation designs for larger projects. Cassandra has always been most interested in substrate growing and automation. Coming from a younger generation, she sees the need for agriculture to become more automated and is eager to help growers attain those goals. Her experience has allowed her to pursue her passion for design and installation of automated irrigation systems, focusing mainly on substrate and greenhouse applications.

Frank Toves

Frank attended Cal Poly for Computer Science and has a history of technical and computer based skills. He began working in the agriculture industry in 2006 managing a local irrigation dealership in the Salinas Valley. Later he began doing sales and design both locally in Salinas and expanding down into Santa Maria and Oxnard. His dedication to doing what is best for the grower has allowed for him to build long term relationships built on mutual trust with his customers. This has been very helpful as Frank helps growers transition from conventional farming practices to the future of technology and automation. His background in computer science has allowed for him to lead the way for integrating technology with agriculture while his reputation lets his growers know that they will be supported every step of the way throughout the transition and learning process. Frank is recognized by the Irrigation Association as a Certified Irrigation Designer (CID) and Agriculture Irrigation Specialist (CAIS). As well as a Technical Service Provider by the NRCS.

Eder Tostado

Eder graduated from California State University Monterey Bay with a degree in Business focused in Agriculture. He began working for a local irrigation dealership in the Salinas Valley where he gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of the agriculture irrigation industry by working his way up through the company. He eventually moved to manage a new location in Santa Maria where he quickly realized that his passion was in sales and providing excellent customer service. He focuses mainly on the Salinas Valley and San Jose area where he helps growers by designing and installing efficient irrigation systems that will allow for future growth into automation. Eder is excited about what the future of technology will bring to agriculture and looks to help growers achieve those long-term goals.

Josh Accardo

Josh graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Agricultural System Management. During and after college, he worked for a local irrigation district concentrating on compliances for state regulations which led into open channel automation. With interest and drive to learn more about automation, Josh worked for an international canal automation company as an engineer in Mexico and the Mid-Western United States. After working with farmers on automated alfalfa valves and flood gates, Josh realized he wanted to work more with growers instead of state and federal projects. Taking the knowledge of large-scale, gravity fed automated irrigation systems, Josh began working for IDC and implementing automation methods with large-scale drip irrigation systems. He focuses primarily in the Central Valley area around the Dos Palos branch designing and installing automated irrigation systems to simply reduce labor and increase yield.

Ron Vrieling

Ron attended San Joaquin Delta College for Mechanical Engineering. In 2003, while attending school, Ron began drafting for a local irrigation dealer. Shortly after in 2004, Ron became an employee of IDC as head of the Design Department. During his eight years in this position Ron became a Certified Irrigation Designer (CID), specializing in Drip Micro and became a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist (CAIS). Ron eventually transferred into running the Purchasing Department for all IDC locations. With 15 years of experience working in the Agricultural Industry, Ron is excited for what the future has in store. He is looking forward to combining Agricultural Farming with Automation, and working with farmers to install efficient and reliable irrigation systems.

Laura Kerkorian

Laura graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2019 with a degree in Agricultural Systems Management and a minor in Agribusiness. In college, Laura greatly enjoyed her irrigation and automation courses, which led her to gain her certificate as a Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist (CAIS). Her long term goal has always been to help farmers provide food to a growing nation. Furthermore, she believes that the best way to do this is through the use of automation and technology. Laura started her career with IDC Indio in 2019, with the hopes of bringing automation to the Imperial and Coachella Valleys.

Saul Medrano

Saul graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2019 with a degree in BioResource and Agricultural Engineering. From his youth to early adulthood, Saul worked with his father in the family cut-flower business. While attending Cal Poly, he worked for the Irrigation Training and Research Center and continued to help his father. Due to his lifelong farming experience, Saul has a great amount of interest in incorporating and simplifying modern irrigation techniques to conventional practices. Saul is excited to see what technology will be available in the future to help farmers reach a greater level of efficiency and sustainability.

Manuel " Noel" Isla

Noel was born and raised in the Salinas Valley. After graduating high school in ’98, Noel pursued a career in golf becoming a golf professional in 2000. Noel ended his professional career in 2011, seeking more for himself. With high end mobile stereo and audio-visual systems as a hobby since he was young, Noel transitioned into Ag Technology where he discovered a new passion for monitoring and control systems. Noel developed a keen eye for detail from his experience in overseeing the R&D department of new sensory products. Learning from his own installations and experiences in the field, he hopes that he can help simplify and help growers understand their automated systems. Noel is excited to be a part of new technologies that will be incorporated in the future which will help lead the industry for the next generation of automated farming.

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